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Grants Officer Responsibilities

Grants Officer Responsibilities

The Grants Officer Representative (GOR) is appointed to provide scientific and administrative monitoring of the award. The GOR acts as a liaison between the recipient and the Grants Officer, and also as an advisor to the Grants Officer. The GOR does not have the authority to issue or approve changes or enter into any agreements, award modifications, or any other matter affecting the cost or terms and conditions of the award.

AAN 13-01 - Grants Officer's Representative
AAN 13-01 - GOR Nomination Single Award Enclosure 1
AAN 13-01 - GOR Nomination Multiple Awards Enclosure 2
AAN 13-01 - GOR Appointment Single Award Enclosure 3
AAN 13-01 - GOR Appointment Multiple Awards Enclosure 4

The following items are required as a training requirement for a GOR:
CLC 106

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