Initial Task Order for an established “D” contract

National Maintenance Point
  1. 1.0  Task Description 
  2. Serves as the principal action officer for maintenance related acquisition support, fielding, and sustainment of Medical Laboratory equipment, Patient Monitoring Systems, and Digital imaging/ radiographic equipment.  Determines associated support items of equipment; supply support and provisioning requirements; training requirements; manages special operations fielding support; and monitors sustainment support.  Serves as project manager on various special projects for medical equipment systems; will participate in the development of specifications for medical equipment systems and maintenance regulatory policies.  Provides technical expertise and specific plans in the creation, interpretation, and explanation of operations and maintenance policy, and identifies elements and requirements for improving the maintenance posture of medical equipment; responsible for the development, review and execution of the maintenance support plans and sustainment strategies. Coordinate with US Army Medical Command’s combat developers, and other major command level offices in the development of these documents. Also, serves as a member of technical review panels developing procurement and fielding concepts and strategies for medical equipment system. Will assist in the discussion and negotiations to resolve problems and develop solutions related to equipment procurement or performance standards. Researches, analyzes, and evaluates a variety of federal and civilian regulations and policies in regards to medical equipment issues, complaints, safety alerts, equipment recalls, and prepares draft documents with discussion papers and proposed course(s) of action.
  1. 1.1  Task Deliverables
  1. 1.2  Estimated Level of Effort
  2. Please note that the Government estimate below is only put in place for offerors to ascertain the approximate or estimated level of effort for this task order.  However, this is not to be construed as either mandatory or necessarily the best technical approach.  It is only in place as a reference to allow offerors to understand the general scope of this effort from the Government’s perspective.  The Government is seeking the best level of effort and labor mix to accomplish the mission contained in this contract.  Offerors are strongly encouraged and expected to submit a level of effort consistent with your technical/cost approach. 
  1. 1.3       Travel Estimate
  3. Organization’s initial annual estimate for travel is 2 to 3 trips worldwide.