Policy guidance as to the minimum requirements for a Statement of Work (SOW) or a performance work Statement (PWS).
  1. The regulations state that to the maximum extent practicable, our statements of work for services should be written in a Performance based Acquisition (PBA) manner.  That is to say each SOW/PWS should be written to make clear the specific services that are required, but not how to perform the services. The offerors are supposed to describe specifically how they will undertake the service in their proposal. The Government is supposed to analyze the approach and either accept it, negotiate it, or reject it. 

  2. Here is a good example of a PBA SOW

  3. Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP)
    Performance Work Statement (PWS)
    Administrative Officer (AO) Support for the
    AFIP Office of Legal Counsel (OLC)

  4. BACKGROUND   The AFIP, Walter Reed Hospital, Washington, D.C., provides diagnostic consultations, education, and research services.  The AFIP OLC is responsible for the overall direction, legal services, policy formation, and business practice development of the organization in executing its assigned missions.

  5. DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES  The contractor shall provide an individual to perform services in the capacity of an AO for the AFIP OLC.  This person will plan, initiate, perform, and oversee the various day-to-day AO administrative task required to support the AFIP OLC. 

  6. The clerical and administrative duties of the of the AO shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
    1. Learn and apply the operating procedures of the OLC. 
    2. Review and prepare various kinds of correspondence in meticulous fashion.
    3. Coordinate the conduct of OLC business with other AFIP business segments such as logistics, resource management, scientific illustrations, etc.
    4. Perform various and miscellaneous routine business functions such as, but not limited to, the following:  faxing; photocopying; delivering and distributing mail; making travel arrangements and preparing travel reports; writing meeting minutes; establishing files; maintaining the OLC calendar; scheduling meetings; indexing and maintaining regulations and office files, etc.
    5. Perform various business functions using automation equipment such as, but not limited to, microcomputers, word processors, modems, scanners, printers, etc.
    6. Utilize various software programs and applications such as, but not limited to:  Outlook, Excel, Word, Power Point, etc. 
    7. Conduct limited legal and medical research using computer and library resources.
  7. TRAVEL  The AO duties could involve travel as many as _ times per year in durations of _ days.

  8. WORK SCHEDULE  The AO shall perform his/her duties from 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday, exclusive of Government holidays.