I get a Certificate Error when visiting this and other DoD websites.

If you are experiencing issues with your web browser indicating our website should not be trusted or is using invalid certificates, the solution is to install the DoD Root Certificates.

There are two methods to accomplish this:

  1. For Microsoft Windows users use the instructions at this link: Method 1.
  2. For Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X users follow the instructions at this link: Method 2.
USAMRAA Webmaster

Establishing a Blanket Purchasing Agreement (BPA)

Contractors with awarded GSA Supply Schedules who are interested in establishing BPAs with USAMRAA for services and equipment may contact the following:

For all MRMC subordinate activities, please contact your appropriate Account Manager

For all non-MRMC activities:


Brian Martin
Chief, Business Operations
820 Chandler St.
Fort Detrick MD. 21702-5014