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Contract Advisory and Assistance Services (CAAS)

General Information

Points of Contact For all non-MRMC activities:

Business & Marketing Specialist
820 Chandler St.
Ft. Detrick, MD 21702-5014

For all MRMC subordinate activities, please contact your appropriate Account Manager


The Medical RDA Support and Services (MRDASS) IDIQ Task Order contracts provide a flexible support alternative for the execution of medical research, development and acquisition mission requirements within the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command and other Federal Government agencies. There are nine (9) contracts available to provide support and personnel for Contracted Advisory and Assistance Services (CAAS) or non-CAAS work categorized as follows:

  • Category A -- Studies, Analyses, and Evaluations;
  • Category B -- Management and Professional Support Services;
  • Category C -- non-CAAS Research, Development and Acquisition Program and Support Studies.

All MRDASS contracts have the same Statement of Work (SOW) definitions and will follow the same task order initiation, management, and execution processes. Task Orders may be awarded for work in the 16 functional areas listed in Table 1.1 below as long as the funding for such efforts is associated with one or more of the six "controlling authorities" categories listed in Table 1.2 below. Projects within a task order must align with one or more of the project areas listed in Table 1.3 below.

TABLE 1.1 Task Order Functional Areas (16)

Contract and Task Order Management Issues dealing with the conduct and results of medical science and technology
Personnel, Resource, and Information Management Strategic planning
Reengineering Technology insertion and demonstration
Readiness Medical RDA in force integration
Leader Development RDA program management
Research and Development Medical logistics
DOD Acquisition Program Medical C4I (command, control, communications, computers and information)
Organizational Design Medical systems design and management

TABLE 1.2: Controlling Authorities

Public law specific for medical research, development and acquisition (medical RDA)
Congressional language in authorizations and appropriations specific for medical RDA
Department of Defense Directives and Instructions in the 5000 series (e.g., DODD 5000.1)
Department of Army Regulations in the 70 series (e.g., AR 70-1, AR70-3, AR 70-6 etc.)
OTSG and/or MEDCOM Policy and Guidance documents related to RDA and/or the medical supply, equip and maintain missions of the Army Medical Department
USAMRMC Activity's Organizations and Functions Document (e.g., Memorandum 10-1)

TABLE 1.3: Task Order Project Areas (32)

Contract and Task Order Management Financial Management of DOD and Service RDA Programs
Systems Analysis and Design Manpower Management/Administration
Functional Integration Programmatic Nonpersonal Services Conduct of various analyses/studies/evaluations/investigations/assessments
Accreditation Preparation of various reports/white papers/posture statements
Scientific, Programmatic and Executive Meetings Management of joint projects and interoperability/standardization programs
RDA Program Manager (PM) Matrix Support Design, development, modeling validation and fielding of systems
Public Affairs and Marketing Development, review, revision, integration and maintenance of plans
Documentation Development and maintenance of automated databases
Regulatory Compliance Development, review and integration of Standing Operating Procedures (SOPs)
Quality Assurance Host, conduct or attend committee, board, working group or conferences
Concepts and Doctrine Monitor, review and report on status of government contract data requirements
Research and Development programs Trip reports, minutes, significant activity/accomplishment reports, fact sheets, historical reports, information papers, briefings and summary sheets
DOD Acquisition Programs Design, development, delivery and support to fielded medical systems training programs and materials
Training Development for Medical Systems Development, publication and dissemination of references and manuals
Leadership, Organizational and Materiel Development Acquisition and total package fielding of medical logistics systems
Integrated Medical Logistics Management of prepositioned war reserve materiel and unit equipment sets

USAMRAA Processing Fee

A 1% fee or $1,500.00, whichever is greater, for all non-MRMC customers will apply to each requirement.

Minimum Task Order Amount

The minimum task order amount is $25,000.00, unless otherwise stated.

Classified Material

Regardless of the classification of the work to be performed within the task order, all task order packages will be unclassified.

Fiscal Year Cutoff Dates

Task Order Requirements Packages (TORPs) that are supported by funds that expire at the end of the current fiscal year should be submitted by August 31st of the current fiscal year. Sufficient time may not exist after August 31st to guarantee completion of the award process.

Supporting Documentation Submission

The preferred channel for delivery of all correspondence is e-mail. When a signature is required, such as for the exceptions to the Fair Opportunity for Consideration rule, or for Award Recommendation Document Packages (ARDPs), and other associated documentation, please fax a copy of the signature document(s). Other pertinent documentation may be faxed or e-mailed. Where the volume of the correspondence is large, please mail or hand deliver to the address in the Forward.

Microsoft Word is the preferred format for all textual documents. This preferred format is closely followed by Word Perfect and lastly, if necessary, by ASCII. Spreadsheets shall be submitted in MS-Excel or Lotus 123 formats.

Sample Forms & Documents

Appendix B of the MRDASS Handbook provides blank forms for each document in the TORP, ARDP and the required format for the Past Performance Evaluation Report.

Task Order Processing Time Lines

TO time lines are targeted at 7 to 28 days depending on order type and extent of competition. Table 1.4, depicts the performance goals for processing the TORP from receipt by USAMRAA through award of the task order to a contractor. These processing time lines start once a complete, acceptable TORP is received by USAMRAA. Incomplete or unacceptable TORPs will require additional time on USAMRAA's part to advise the customer on acceptable minimum requirements.

Table 1.4. Task Order Processing Time Lines by Procurement Type

Procurement Type
Exception to Fair Opportunity (Sole Source)
7 to 14 business days
14 to 21 business days
14 to 21 business days
21 to 28 business days