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Fort Detrick Contracting Community Charter

  1. Recognizing the common bonds and needs of the contracting offices on Fort Detrick, and recognizing that through leveraging our resources we can achieve more, as strength lies in the diversity our partnership can provide, the group known as the Fort Detrick Contracting Community (FDCC) was formed.
  2. The "team" works together to address common concerns and issues and to identify ways in which we can leverage our resources.  It is envisioned that goals for the group will evolve over time, but three areas are identified as initial focal points:
    • development of a single-voice for liaison between the community and the contracting offices on Fort Detrick ("Industrial Liaison")
    • leveraging resources through effective sharing of procurement "vehicles" and tools
    • establishment of mechanisms to provide information and resources to small businesses on how to do business with Fort Detrick
  3. Accordingly, we agree to continue to utilize the FDCC to promote a cooperative, managed, and timely review of acquisition issues (both regulatory and policy) and to develop and agree upon plans to further our progress.  The Customer Service Representative from the U.S. Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity (USAMRAA) will facilitate discussions, plans and schedule meetings, and provide minutes to members.  The member organizations of the FDCC are as follows:
  4. As the FDCC is a collaborative partnership, consensus will be obtained whenever possible.  Full participation or partner Organizations is encouraged, and partner organizations are likewise encouraged to bring multiple representatives to the meetings, subject to available space.
  5. FDCC will meet on a quarterly basis, during the first week in March, June, September, and December, or more often as needed.  Meeting locations will be rotated among the participating organizations.  Generally, meetings will be scheduled that last 90 minutes or less.  Recommendations for agenda items will be forwarded to the USAMRAA Customer Service Representative at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting.
  6. We believe the FDCC is the appropriate forum in which to better accomplish our common purposes, and commit fully to this partnership.